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Will leave for free in a year: Mbappe stays in Paris

Negotiations between Real Madrid and France’s Paris Saint-Germain over the transfer of forward Kylian Mbappe to the Spanish club have been unsuccessful. Madrid failed to reach an agreement with the Parisians, but will be able to negotiate a free-agent move with the player, whose contract expires after the season, in January.

In a summer when the clubs changed such blocks as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, only the transfer of Kylian Mbappe was missing for the complete set, but the transfer saga of his relocation to Madrid ended in failure for the Royal Club.

More precisely, it has been put on pause until January, when the striker’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain will expire in less than six months, and he can negotiate with any team for a transfer on the rights of a free agent.

For almost a year Mbappe refuses to renew his contract with PSG, although the French club offers him a significant increase in salary.

Real Madrid are well aware of the desire of the French national team leader and have long seen him as a priority transfer target, but until now there was no real possibility of making such a high-profile move.

When PSG got a chance to sign Lionel Messi and took advantage of it, moving Mbappe to the third position in their payroll (Neymar also earns more), the situation changed.

Mbappe immediately made it clear that he no longer wanted to play for his current team and was ready to leave. “Real” came to the forefront with an offer, because for the Parisians this window is the last real chance to get money for the departure of the forward.

Moreover, Real Madrid waited for PSG’s sporting director Leonardo to say that Mbappe wanted to leave and could be released, and immediately rolled out a generous offer of €160 million and €10 million in possible bonuses.

However, the French club’s functionary said that the forward would not go cheaper than PSG did in his time. And on the account of Monaco, from which the Parisians took Mbappe, a total of €180 million should fall (some payments have not yet been made).

Madrid eventually increased their offer to €170+10 million, and the deal seemed close to completion. Insiders reported that negotiations were progressing positively and the player could be presented as a Real Madrid player as early as Friday, August 27.

However, PSG rejected that amount as well, rolling out a €215 million condition. It looked a strange position to take, as it would be Mbappe’s future club, not his current one, that could be speaking from a position of strength.

Yes, Real Madrid could be without the coveted striker for this season, but that could be survived, given that he could then be signed without transfer fees.

Just when it looked like negotiations had already broken down, new information emerged at the end of the week that the sides were still communicating and the deal could still be closed.

This came against the backdrop of Mbappe’s brilliant play in the Ligue 1 championship match against Reims, where he decided the outcome of the away game with his double (2-0).

Messi also made his PSG debut in that game, substituting for Neymar, but without any action. Many thought it was the first and only match between the Frenchman and the Argentine as teammates.

In addition, the press leaked information that Mbappe himself, who previously made it clear that in any case will not cause conflicts and quietly spend another season at PSG, if the parties do not agree on a transfer, is still unhappy.

Allegedly the management of the French vice-champions promised the player to let him go for the same amount for which he was bought, and Real Madrid’s latest offer satisfied this condition.

However, as early as August 29, it was reported that Madrid are considering increasing the offer to a fantastic €200 million.

In the evening the authoritative RMC Sport reported that Real Madrid withdrew from the negotiations. This was reported to the publication by representatives of the “Royal Club”, which are now in Paris just for the negotiations.

According to Sky Sports journalist Kave Solekol, PSG has not given any response to Real Madrid’s €180 million offer and the Italian have decided to wait until January, when they can negotiate directly with the player.

PSG are obviously hoping that during these six months the club will be able to convince Mbappe to extend his contract, and even if not, the team will still win the Champions League, gathering Neymar, Messi and Kilian.

In addition, an important factor is the World Cup in Qatar, which will be held in 2022. “PSG belongs to the ruling family of that country and to some extent is its ambassadors in the world of soccer.

It is important that the team’s squad for the start of the Mundial was as stellar as possible. True, due to the summer heat in Qatar the tournament will take place in late autumn in the course of next season, so, to keep at the club by that time Mbappe’s contract with him will still need to be extended.

  • Further developments are unpredictable. After all, the transfer window is still open and will not close until September 1. The situation could turn either way at any time.

The same insider Solecol already said after news of the Spaniard’s withdrawal from negotiations that the question of the star’s club affiliation remains open.

  • There is still a chance that Real Madrid will improve their offer. I was told that PSG would find it difficult to turn down €200 million.

I am told that Real Madrid could reopen negotiations. I don’t think that’s going to happen, as I was previously told it wouldn’t happen. But obviously time is running out, the deadline is tomorrow. I think they will consider that possibility, there is a chance that they will make an improved offer. There’s also a chance that PSG, having received a specific offer, will accept it. “But the official positions are that Real Madrid will not improve the offer and PSG will not accept the old offer,” the insider stressed.

In the meantime, Mbappe is in limbo: he still rejects all offers from his current club, but he cannot go to Real Madrid either.