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End of career: Zlatan may be suspended from soccer for three years

Italy’s famous AC Milan and Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be fined €100,000 and disqualified for three years because he has a stake in the betting business. For the 39-year-old forward it would be the end of his career.

On April 14 Swedish sport edition Sportbladet reported that the best footballer in the history of the country Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who at 39 years old continues his career, may be suspended from soccer for three years for his share in the betting business. According to media reports, Zlatan owns a 10 percent stake in betting contra Bethard. The footballer owns a stake in the business not directly, but through a company Unknown AB, which is owned by him one hundred percent.

At the same time, Bethard confirmed the possession of the player’s share in the office and at the moment.

It turns out that Ibrahimovic violated FIFA regulations by playing in the qualifying matches for the World Cup – 2022 in Qatar, returning just for this in the national team of Sweden. The player violated UEFA regulations when he played for AC Milan in the Europa League.

According to the newspaper, the punishment for Zlatan could be a fine of up to €100 thousand, as well as a suspension from any football-related activities for up to three years, which, of course, would be a sentence for the career of a player who continues to perform at the highest level at age 39.

It is also reported that the Swedish Football Federation has been aware of the conflict of interest for several years but has taken no action and FIFA and UEFA have refused to comment on the matter.

It is interesting that Ibrahimovic, known for his quick temper and willfulness, recently got into some unpleasant situations. The Italian media reported that he broke his anti-coed measures while dining at a restaurant with former teammate Injazio Abate and two other people, and then the forward got a red card for disrespectful attitude towards the referee.

  • During the Serie A match against Parma on April 10, in which AC Milan won 3-1 and the veteran himself provided a goal, referee Fabio Maresca suspended the Swede, believing that he had insulted him.

Ibrahimovic himself, and later Milan, claimed in a press release that the referee made a mistake and heard the wrong word the player actually said.

“If the referee had doubts about what he heard, he should have reflected that. The case could have an unexpected and loud twist,” said Milan lawyer Leandro Cantamessa.

– If the referee confirms he made a mistake, Ibrahimovic could play in the next match – even though he was suspended. If he doesn’t, he could get a match or two suspension, but that would be very unfair. We can’t appeal if he gets a one-match suspension.

  • There was a misunderstanding. There’s nothing more to say. I heard what Ibrahimovic said, but I don’t know what the referee heard. I know that Ibra did not insult him.

But the committee that reviewed the case upheld the suspension, issuing the player a €5,000 fine for disrespecting the referee.

Ibrahimovic has 15 goals and two assists in 17 Italian league games this season, and AC Milan have long been in the league title race, but suffered a setback when he was injured.

Zlatan helped Tre Krooners to victories in both of their first two World Cup 2022 qualifying matches, scoring assists against both Georgia (1-0) and Kosovo (3-0). At the same time in the Italian media recently leaked the information that the “rossoneri” extended the contract with Ibrahimovic for another year with a salary of € 7 million, although the official confirmation of “Milan” on this occasion has not yet been.